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March 2015

Arena Digital are proud supporters of the SickKids Foundation

“SickKids is grateful for Arena Digital’s support. By allowing us to share the SickKids story with a broader audience through free advertising space, we can continue to focus donor dollars towards research, learning and care.” Seanna Dempsey, Vice President, Corporate Partnerships

March 31st 2014

The first quarter of 2014 has been an incredibly busy time for all of the departments at Arena Digital. One of the busiest has been our installation team bringing the in-house systems to venues across the country. During the past few months we have been forging new relationships with clients alongside working closely with the venues who pioneered our system throughout Canada. Our digital signage system is now operational in additional Avondale stores across St. Catherines, Welland, Thorold, Dunnville and Stoney Creek increasing communication between more stores and their customers across the Niagara Peninsula.

December 4th 2013


Garden Centre-TV is the latest addition to Arena Digital’s portfolio of in-store screen networks providing owners & managers with a powerful new marketing tool. Installed & produced by Arena Digital Productions, it’s a great way to promote products, services & special offers to customers visiting the centre also providing useful information like news headlines and weather bulletins.

The in-house system has been rolled out across Sheridan Nurseries over the last few weeks in time to be a part of the Christmas Wonderland. Alongside the supplies and equipment available in store, Sheridans also offers Free Learning Sessions and ‘Make it & Take It’ workshops to help spread the enthusiasm for gardening. Staff at the centre offer expert advice on gardening ranging from landscape design to condo living and the system provided by Arena Digital will provide them with a new platform to engage with their guests offer the same high level of information and service.

September 23rd 2013

Arena Digital marked the end of our busy summer of installs and content design work with the attendance of another Home Hardware Market. The Fall Market which took place this weekend was the seventh consecutive event our President, Steve Sanderson, has been invited to attend as a representative of Arena Digital Productions Ltd. As we continue to grow during our time in Canada we are proud to maintain and develop our relationship with one of the country’s leading and most well-respected suppliers of both the building trade and DIY enthusiasts alike. Looking to the future we are pleased to be continuing our partnership with Home Hardware and to continue to provide the dealers with the service of our digital-signage system.

August 17th 2013


During the summer we launched the roll out of our signage system to the latest category added to our repertoire – Play Centres. We have already installed in several locations and two of the first additions can be found in Burlington, ON.

Lil Monkeys is an award winning play centre open to the public for ‘drop in’ play sessions 7 days per week. Not only do they offer a range of party packages for children but host a ‘Parents Night Out’ on the first Friday of every month.

Amazing Adventures also offers birthday parties alongside daily playtime; attendees can also join the membership programme for unlimited access all year round to the inflatable slides, bounce houses and free arcades.

The events, activities and pre-school classes held by each of the venues means that the on-screen sponsors have access to an incredibly varied audience in their local area. Arena’s system will also act as a communication tool constantly providing information via an easily accessible platform amidst the hustle and bustle of the centres.

June 14th 2013



This spring Home Hardware celebrated its Centennial Market and Arena Digital was represented at the event for the sixth time. The Market allows Home Hardware to showcase its products and provide information on the latest innovations and trends within the industry to over 10, 000 guests. Alongside the purchasing opportunities the Home Hardware Group offers presentations from guest speakers and training designed to help with the development of visiting businesses.

May 17th 2013


This spring, we introduced our digital technology to one of Canada’s most popular participant sports – bowling! The first bowling centre to receive the system is Willowbrook Lanes of Langley, BC. This 5 pin bowling centre is open to the public every day and offers birthday parties, bowling leagues and extreme bowling. Willowbrook Lanes is also a member of the YBC program so guests of all ages can enjoy the sport. This latest roll-out will allow Arena Digital to broaden our range of clientele and bring our technology to a new audience.

March 26th 2013


Arena Digital has been kept busy during these first few months of 2013 as we work to continuously achieve high standards throughout each aspect of our company. Our most recent work on the installation front has seen our tech team travelling to venues in Saskatchewan and Ontario as we supply our in-house system to more members of both the Castle Building Centres and Home Hardware groups.

Ziegler Lumber, Port Elgin –

This store is one of the founding members of the Castle group and has been serving the needs of its customers in Port Elgin and the surrounding area since 1947. Our technology will be incorporated into this longstanding environment of excellent service and small town personal attention to assist staff and customers of the store and open up additional avenues of service and communication. As we continue to work with members of the Castle Group, like Ziegler Lumber, Arena Digital is pleased to further cement our association with Canada’s fastest growing LMB buying group.

Evan Brothers Home Hardware, Swift Current –

The Home Hardware group is Arena Digital’s most established client and we are proud to continue our partnership with them as we enter another year of our enterprises across Canada. The Evan Brothers store is one of the latest Home Hardware venues to receive our digital signage system. As with all members of the group, they stock the highest quality merchandise across a wide range of supplies; they can offer everything you would expect from a neighbourhood hardware store with the added feature of one of our screens to facilitate that extra dimension of customer relations.

December 30th 2012


December 2012 marks the end of our first full year operating in Canada and the end of a year in which Arena has been going from strength to strength. Our relationship with Home Hardware has continued to grow as we continue to install screens in more stores across the country. We have built on our reputation within the Building Supply Centre community and have embarked on projects with the Castle Building Centres Group. Towards the second half of the year our Vice President, Steve Sanderson, secured an exclusive agreement with Avondale Convenience Stores and so we began the roll out of our system to their multiple stores across the Niagara Peninsula. We are hoping that we can maintain and improve our existing relationships throughout 2013 and continue to look at new ways to grow as a company.

December 11th 2012


This week we have been focusing on the installation program for our most recent venture:

Avondale Convenience Stores –

This retail chain has been providing a range of products and services to communities throughout the Niagara Peninsula for over 46 years across nearly 100 stores. Our digital signage system will offer advertising platforms for both the stores themselves and local businesses. The screens will also provide Avondale staff with an effective communication tool allowing them to reach their customers during visits to the store. So far we have installed systems in 16 of the stores including Victoria, Martindale and Ancaster branches and we will continue our progress during the coming weeks.

December 4th 2012


The past few weeks have been very busy with multiple installations of in-store TV systems across the country. We have continued to expand our network of Building Supply Centre’s with three member stores of the Castle Building Centres Group receiving screens this week. The three featured Ontario stores are Pinehill Lumber Lively and Alf Curtis Home Improvements stores in Peterborough and Lindsay.

Pinehill Lumber –

As a local dealer Pinehill Lumber are engaged with the community they serve and supply. Our digital signage system will provide the team with another format through which to engage with their customers. In terms of building supplies, Pinehill will provide everything you will need whether it’s for general contracting work or a DIY project; the store is stocked with quality products and their staff are always willing to provide high levels of service and advice. We are looking forward to joining with this community and aligning our technology with the values of the store in order to provide the customers with an informed service on areas ranging from building projects to accounting, pet stores to restaurants via the combination of the message boards, sponsor’s advertisements and the stores’s programmed content.

Alf Curtis – Peterborough & Lindsay

With the installation of screens in both of the Alf Curtis locations, Arena is proud to be welcomed to be a part of this family run business as it continues to expand and grow from its beginnings in Mr. Curtis’ garage. The business is one which seeks out opportunities to improve all aspects of the store and the in-store system we have put in place for them will mean that a new avenue of customer service and communication is opened to them. Like Alf Curtis, we aim to be the best at what we do so this combining of resources and knowledge should produce a successful new aspect of the store which will continue to flourish as we move forward.